Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I login to the conference?

You will have received an email which contains the link and password for the conference, please check your spam folder, if you still can’t find the link and password please email us.

How can i access the conference if there are internet restrictions in my country

You will need to use a VPN, the browser opera offers a built in free VPN and use the opera browser to access the stream

If that doesn’t work there are paid for options including one from Express VPN you can find that here

Is Translation Available ?

Whilst we unfortunately can’t provide live translation, we are encouraging individual countries to organise their own translations. The feuer cafe event will have english subtitles.

How do I access the Seminars?

When you log into the conference page with the password from the email, there will be a video player for the main conference, below that there will be the links to your seminars

How do we watch the Feuer Cafe event and Share it with others

The Feuer Cafe event will be livestreamed to the conference page as well as to facebook and youtube, if there are others you want to invite to the conference please send them the link to the facebook event or youtube livestream,


Got another Question?

During the Conference in the bottom right of the conference page there is a helpdesk link, please use this and we will try our best to help answer your queries.

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