FEUER 2020 Café

Watch the Feuer Café on YouTube by clicking here.

Join us for the “Feuer Café” – 7th November 2020 20h

On 7th November 2020 at 20h CET (7pm Dublin/ London) we are hosting the “Feuer Café” – an event designed to share the Message of Jesus through stories, music, spoken word and speech.

The event will be just under 90 minutes and will feature music from Andy Mayo and his band, short talks from Michael Ots and a tapestry of contributing guest artists from different parts of Europe.

There’s more on our Feuer Café Facebook page…

There are five ways that you can get involved!

1) Come and listen – we pray that this approach to sharing the Gospel might be a useful example that might inspire and further equip you and your teams.

2) Invite friends to tune in. We are putting on this event to share the Message of Jesus – who could you invite? A great way of inviting others is to share the publicity and let them know you’re coming!

3) Host the event on the channels that you manage – by sharing the event, you will be able to co-host the event on your Facebook Pages . You could arrange a ‘watch party’ for your region or embed the YouTube feed on a website that you curate.

4) Interpret for the event – the contributors to this FEUER Cafe will be speaking English. Would you like to interpret the event simultaneously? Our suggestion is that the stories, talks and conversations are interpreted but the musical elements are left to resonate in their original languages. We can help you set up a means of interpreting the event to your feed.

5) We find that the most important communication related to these types of events isn’t what happens in the programme but rather in the conversations that follow. Would you like to host a Zoom event immediately after the concert where others in your language group can chat and consider the issues and invitation raised? Let us know and we will publicise your Zoom call during the evening.

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