FEUER 2020 Seminars

During FEUER, we have several seminars you can attend for further teaching, encouragement and inspiring stories.

Roland Werner: Lessons from a Life-time in sharing the gospel with Muslims

Sharing the good news of Jesus Christ with our Muslim friends is undoubtedly one of the most difficult spiritual endeavours, and yet immensely rewarding. Having been involved in encounters with Muslims both in traditionally Islamic, Eastern settings, and in secular, Western settings, I have learned some lessons. First: The more we are steeped in the Bible and strong Christian theology, the better we will be equipped to answer the many questions of our Muslim friends. Secondly, we need an understanding of Islamic history, theology and life in its many religious and cultural variations. And thirdly we need a love to our Muslim friend that makes room for discussion, disagreement and growing mutual understanding. Finally, we need an understanding of the work of the Holy Spirit as we witness to the love of the Father and the reality of the cross and resurrection and abiding presence of Jesus Christ in our lives.

Peter DrayHow to plan a strategy for the coming year

As many of our assumptions about the academic year have changed, so have many of our assumptions about what is possible evangelistically. We face new challenges but also new opportunities. This workshop will furnish us with a new set of questions that will help us test our old assumptions and help us start imagining what an effective evangelistic strategy could look like going forward.

Pablo Martinez:   The Self Care of the Evangelist

Caring for your own vineyard is not a minor issue. The wisdom of the Bible warns us that in the same way a bottle of perfume can be spoiled by a dead fly (Ecles. 10:1), neglecting the care of yourself can bring forth major consequences. Your own life, the wellbeing of your family and the quality of your ministry are at stake.

A full life is not the same as a fruitful life and that God created us as human beings, not human doings. Therefore, the purpose of this seminar is not making you work less, but helping you rest and renew yourself better  

Volker Roggenkamp:  Climate change as a personal, apologetic and theological challenge

Climate change deeply challenges us on different levels. This seminar does not want to look on the data of climate research nor on practical ways to fight climate change. It rather wants to look on it from a theological perspective: The impact of Christianity on the environment is ambivalent. The seminar will try to show how wrong theology leads to a wrong attitude. It will also have a look on an ethical concept of D. Bonhoeffer as a help to find the right balance between this challenge and others like the great commandment. Finally, I plan to include a short sample talk for a lunchbar with the title: Jesus and climate change.

Nay Dawson:  Proclamation & Community. How to Link them During The Isolation of COVID-19

Lockdown has required us to pursue fresh ways of thinking about public evangelism. Online evangelism can have a far greater reach and yet lacks human contact – are there ways of doing this better? We’ll explore ideas of how to create highly relational online evangelism.

Glen Scrivener: Creative Evangelism online

For 10 years Glen Scrivener has been engaging the online world with creative media. Whether it’s poetry, animation, short films or video teaching series, Glen seeks to capture imaginations, open hearts to the truth and draw people to Christ. In this seminar he will share some of his wisdom about the why and the how of online outreach.

Stefan Gustavsson:  The problem of Suffering – Lessons from Job

Suffering is a fact of human existence, facing every generation, including us. In the Bible a whole book – Job – is dealing with this dilemma: God being the good creator and yet we as his creatures are stuck in horrible situations – in his world! What can we learn from the book of Job about God, humans and suffering?

Stefan Gustavsson:  Tackling Controversial Subjects

The cultural temperature is rising and new issues – like Black Lives Matter and Identity Politics – provoke heated debates and often create new lines of conflicts. Is there a way, we as evangelists and apologists can deal with these issues with grace and wisdom – and find the connection to the gospel?

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