FEUER 2020 Speakers

Helder Favarin:

Evangelist, missionary and cofounder/lead pastor of C29 Granada, Spain. Hélder holds degrees in business and theology, has a master’s degree from the London School of Theologyand has nearly completed a doctorate in preaching at the Talbot School of TheologyBiola University. He’s the cofounder of Red Timoteo (young evangelists in Spain) and EYE (European Young Evangelists) Network. He speaks internationally in Spanish, Portuguese and English and is the author of several evangelistic/apologetic materials. He’s married to Ana and they have four children.

Julia Garschagen :  

is a theologian and speaker with the Zacharias Institut for Science, Culture and Faith, Germany. She speaks at universities and in the business context across Europe and loves to be in dialogue about a faith that is both intellectually credible and existentially satisfying. She is also co-founder of the charity Dios te ve, which helps young people in Peru to get a higher education.

Glen Scrivener:

has lived in the UK for more than half his life, though originally from Australia. He was curate at All Soul’s Church, Eastbourne, where he and his family still worship. Since 2010, Glen has been Evangelist at Speak Life and, in August 2014, he became Director. Glen is passionate about people meeting Christ and equipping Christians to share their faith. He’s often found speaking at Churches and Universities, producing online media in the studio, or in his office, writing books and other evangelistic material. Glen is married to Emma, and they have a daughter, Ruby, and a son, JJ. Glen will be doing a seminar as well as a plenary session.

John Lennox:

has debated with the well-known atheist Richard Dawkins on ‘The God Delusion’, and on ‘Has Science buried God?’ He is Professor of Mathematics Emeritus at the university of Oxford and Fellow in Mathematics and the Philosophy of Science at Green Templeton College, Oxford, and has written many books, including the recent ‘Where is God in a Coronavirus World?’ and ‘2084 – Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Humanity’ (https://2084book.com) He will also feature later this year in the new Pensmore documentary, Against the Tide, featuring Kevin Sorbo and John Lennox in conversation about God, science and the evidence for the truth of Christianity.

Michael Ots:

is an author and speaker who travels widely across Europe speaking at University Mission weeks and leading evangelism training for students. He is an associate regional team member of IFES Europe and has been involved in FEUER since its inception. He is married to Rebecca and they are currently based in Marlow – half way between London and Oxford in the UK. 

Lindsay Brown:

is the director of FEUER and has been involved with IFES in student ministry for 40 years, which he has found a great privilege. He is married to Ann and they have one son, Owen, who is also involved in student ministry.

Ajith Fernando:

was National Director of Youth for Christ Sri Lanka for 35 years, and for the past nine years he has served YFC as Teaching Director. His main work now is teaching and mentoring and counselling young YFC staff, pastors and leaders. He also has an itinerant Bible teaching ministry, now mainly within Sri Lanka. He is the author of nineteen books and his books have been translated into 24 languages. He is married to Nelun and with their daughter and family they are active in a local Methodist church in Colombo. Their son Asiri leads the YFC work in the Mountains region of Sri Lanka. 

Becky Pippert: 

is author of 12 books, an evangelist, an evangelism trainer and an international speaker. Her 1st book, Out of the Saltshaker and Into the World is regarded as a definitive guide to personal evangelism; her most recent book, Stay Salt, was published in May 2020. Becky and her husband Dick have travelled much in Europe in recent years, ministering in different parts and today continue their world-wide ministry while residing in America. They are parents of 4 adult children and grandparents to 5.

Sam Chan: 

is an evangelist with the City Bible Forum in Sydney, Australia. Author of the award-winning Evangelism in a Skeptical World, Sam speaks around the world on the topics of ethnic storytelling, apologetics and evangelism in a post-Christian culture.

Volker Roggenkamp:

is pastor of a Lutheran church in Münster/Germany. His church is part of the more evangelical wing of the Lutheran church and has lots of students. He studied theology at the universities of Bamberg, Tübingen and Münster. Next to his local work he regularly speaks as Evangelist or bible teacher at Universities and Churches all over Germany and sometimes in other European countries. 

Ragnhard Petersen:

is the General Secretary of KFS (IFES) in the remote Faroe Islands. He holds a MA in Christian Theology from Bristol University, and his MA-dissertation was on discipleship. He is training his young colleagues and volunteers as disciples, and together they are seeking to create a discipling culture in KFS.

Peter Dray:

has worked with UCCF (UK) in several roles and is currently Head of Creative Evangelism at UCCF.

Michael Ots:

is an author and speaker who travels widely across Europe speaking at University Mission weeks and leading evangelism training for students. He is an associate regional team member of IFES Europe and has been involved in FEUER since its inception. He is married to Rebecca and they are currently based in Marlow – half way between London and Oxford in the UK. 

Pablo Martinez:

is a psychiatrist based in Barcelona, author and Bible teacher.  He is a former staff-worker for South Europe and currently chairs the Ravi Zacharias Foundation for Spain.  He is the honorary president of the Spanish GBU movement.

Nay Dawson:

works with IFES Europe as their Regional Training Co-Ordinator, having previously worked for UCCF in a variety of roles. She is the founder of Passion for Evangelism (PfE) – a network of creative, female public evangelists. She has also set up an initiative called Community in a Crisis helping churches get online during the pandemic. Have a look at their facebook page and You tube channel.

Stefan Gustavsson:

is the director of Apologia –Centre for Christian Apologetics and has a long history within IFES and the Evangelical Alliance in Sweden. He is the author of a number of books on Christian apologetics. He is married to Ingrid and they make their home in Stockholm.

Roland Werner:

As a teenager, Roland Werner started a Christian youth group in Duisburg, his home town, inspired by the Jesus movement of the 1970ies. He and his wife Elke met there and prepared to minister in the Muslim world. In the meantime, in the University town of Marburg, they started a church movement with plants in Berlin and Jerusalem. Roland is involved in a Bible translation project for a people group in North Africa and has ministered as an evangelist across Europe, teaches theology and mentors younger leaders.

Andy Mayo:

Andy began writing songs to tell friends about Jesus while he was still at school. Later, studying design at Goldsmiths’ College, London, he and his friends searched out ways to reach their creative community with the life-transforming news about Jesus that involved cafes, buses, art and of course, music… After marrying sculptor wife, Faye, they moved to Serbia where they were involved in leading a small Bible School for ten years. Since their return to the UK, Andy has been part of the Feuer network contributing to mission weeks and enthusing about the value of using the arts in evangelism.  

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