FEUER: the Fellowship of Evangelists in the Universities of Europe.

Associated with IFES (International Fellowship of Evangelical Students), we are a network of Christians across Europe who are committed to the public proclamation of the gospel in the universities of our continent. 

FEUER is also the German word for fire. 

Dr Martyn Lloyd Jones, The first chairman of IFES, described preaching as ‘logic on fire’. Through preaching we pray that hearts will be set on fire with love for Christ. 

Truth, beauty and wonder…

The network exists to train, equip and encourage evangelists to proclaim the truth, beauty and wonder of the Gospel to today’s generation of students. 

Over the last 12 years, since its inception, a new fire has spread across Europe as students have found a renewed confidence in publicly proclaiming the Gospel on campus. 

Pioneering Mission Weeks

One of the key ways in which this has been achieved has been the pioneering of university mission weeks. 

When FEUER began only 3 countries in Europe were regularly running evangelistic student missions. Now up to 40 countries are hosting around 200 such initiatives every year! 

The Goal of FEUER Conferences

The aim of our annual conference is to equip current and potential evangelists to be able to communicate the Gospel publicly in universities across Europe.

The 3-fold goal of the conference is:
1. to provide models of fresh evangelistic talks;
2. to share inspirational stories and creative ideas for evangelists and student ministries;
3. to use across Europe to provide information about activities and resources available for the coming year.

FEUER Conference 2022: 26-31 October

Our next FEUER Conference will take place near Thessaloniki, Greece:

Thursday 26th to Monday 31st October 2022

More details coming soon!

FEUER is not a conference but a network of evangelists serving together to share the Good News of Jesus in the universities of Europe – this core role of FEUER continues with urgency at this unprecedented time. 

Every blessing as you press on!

Feuer 2020 – conference online

In 2020 we hosted our annual conference online and heard from some of the best evangelists from around the world as they taught us about evangelism and modelled excellent evangelistic talks.

If you have a passion for evangelism among university students, we hope you find these videos of the Feuer 2020 sessions helpful. There are more on our YouTube Channel just here.

May many hear of the saving love of the Lord Jesus on campuses across our continent!