Vision and Strategy

FEUER is a network of Europeans who are committed to the public communication of the gospel in the universities of Europe in partnership with IFES national movements.

The vision

  • To identify, equip and mobilise at least one university evangelist in every country of Europe *
  • For the public proclamation of the gospel to be a regular feature of university student ministry in every country of Europe *
  • To establish excellent models of creative, courageous and culturally appropriate mission weeks in every country of Europe* as part of an effective year round strategy for evangelism

* In every country where there is a university

The strategy

  • An annual conference to bring together current and potential university evangelists from across Europe for encouragement, training and mobilisation
  • The establishment of sub-regional and national training networks for university evangelists to receive ongoing training relevant to their context
  • Inviting key student leaders and staff to observe excellent models of public proclamation in mission weeks around Europe
  • Sending evangelists and teams to help pioneer mission weeks in other countries or cities that have not done one before


We see to proclaim the gospel in a way that is…

  • Culturally engaged – addressing the real needs, desires and questions of our cultures
  • Christ Centred – starting where people are at we seek to build a bridge to Christ
  • Compelling –  we seek to make a persuasive case for both the truth and goodness of the gospel
  • Creative – we make use of music, drama, film, art and testimony to supplement (but never supplant) the preaching of the gospel
  • Connected – working in conjunction with personal and small group evangelism as part of a year round strategy for evangelism
  • Corporate – Working in Teams with local evangelical student groups
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