Advisory Group

Slavko Hadžić

Slavko Hadžić lives in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina; where he has pastored a local evangelical church for 17 years. He is married to Sanja and they have two grown up children. His passion is evangelism and preaching.  Slavko is a Langham Preaching Associate Director for Europe & Caribbean and President of the “Good News” Association. His involvement with Feuer started from the beginning of Feuer in 2008. He is co-author of the evangelistic book “Cross on a hill”.

Michael Ots

Michael Ots is an evangelist who speaks at Universities throughout Europe. He is the Field Director of FEUER (The Fellowship of Evangelists in the Universities of Europe) – a network set up to encourage the public proclamation of the gospel in the universities of Europe. He is also a Catalyst for Proclamation Evangelism for the Lausanne Movement. He is the author of four books which have been translated into a number of different languages. He is married to Rebecca and lives in the Midlands of England. In his spare time he enjoys hiking, cycling, camping, gardening, cooking and baking!

David “Monty” Montgomery

David “Monty” Montgomery is the Regional Director of IFES Europe, overseeing the university ministry in over 40 countries from Greenland to Cyprus. He previously served as an IFES Associate for Pioneering and Bible Teaching. Before that he was General Secretary of the Irish IFES Movement, CUI. He has taught for IFES groups internationally and was a Presbyterian pastor in Ireland for 18 years before returning to student ministry. He is married to Gwen who assists in his ministry with IFES Europe and is a professional declutterer. He enjoys crime fiction, cycling and the poetic football of Manchester City FC.

Lorna Moore

Lorna is wife to Scott and they work and serve in 1st Dromara Presbyterian Church. Lorna is from Northern Ireland and studied English Literature and History at the University of Edinburgh and then an MSc in Teaching English as a Foreign Language at Queens University, Belfast. She spent 4 years working as a Staff Worker with Christian Unions Ireland in the North West, Belfast and Dundalk, and now works part time with IFES Europe as their regional administrator and PA to the European Director. Lorna’s love for Europe started as a child through many holidays on the continent, and has since had opportunities to serve on mission in Eastern Europe and on the island of Ireland. Lorna has a very loved sausage dog called Dora, and enjoys tea, caramel lattes, cake, time spent with friends, sewing, travelling and reading.

Peter Dray

Peter Dray is Director of Creative Evangelism with UCCF, the University Christian Union movement in Great Britain. He is responsible for equipping UCCF’s staff and students with means to live and speak in a way that is faithful to the gospel, but also engaged within local university subcultures. In 2022, he co-wrote his first book, Reality and Other Stories, a creative exploration how Jesus’ life and claims resonate with and subvert our culture’s deep desires. Peter lives in Leeds with his wife and two sons.

Andy Wickham

Andy Wickham directs Fundación Pontea, which provides gospel outreach and evangelistic training for Spanish speakers across the globe. Previously he served as a staff worker for Grupos Bíblicos Universitarios (GBU) in Spain. He started Proclama nearly a decade ago to help raise a generation able to communicate the Christian message in University missions. As a speaker Andy enjoys preaching evangelistically and discussing apologetic questions in diverse settings. He earned an MTH in Old Testament Theology from UNISA after completing studies at Schloss Mittersill (Austria) and The Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics. He and his wife, Elizabeth, live in Madrid, where they’re outnumbered by three teens.

Andy Mayo

Andy writes and shares songs (often along with the stories behind them) that point to the good news about Jesus. Andy is married to ceramic artist Faye Mayo and has been involved with FEUER since the earliest days. As well as serving with us, Andy is part of the leadership of a small growing church on the south edge of London as well as the Oak Hall Expeditions team.

Julia Garschagen

Julia Garschagen is a theologian and serves as the director of the Pontes Institut for Science, Culture and Faith in the German speaking region. She speaks at universities and in the business context across Europe and loves to be in dialogue about a faith that is both intellectually credible and existentially satisfying. Julia co-leads the biggest evangelistic youth outreach in the German speaking world and teaches apologetics at a theological Seminary. She is also co-founder of the charity Dios te ve, which helps young people in Peru to get a higher education. Julia lives in Cologne, Germany and loves the mountains.

Jon Romuld Håversen

Jon Romuld Håversen works in the Norwegian IFES movement with apologetics, theology and mission weeks. He is in charge of all the mission weeks in Norway, as well as being involved in several other apologetical/evangelistic events, such as teaching a course in Christian Apologetics at NLA College, and speaking at different evangelistic events. Jon became a Christian after being introduced to the historical arguments for the resurrection of Jesus and is passionate about sharing the persuasive reasons to believe in Jesus further on. He is also passionate about Portsmouth Football Club whom he believes soon will be amongst the greatest clubs in the Premier League!

Zefjan Nikolla

Zefjan Nikolla is the General Secretary of BSKSH Albania. He became a Christian through the IFES student ministry in 1991. Zefjan has a degree  in English Language and Literature and another degree in Albanian Language and Literature from Tirana University. He has an MDiv from the Master’s Academy International. 

Zefjan is passionate about evangelism, discipleship, sports and literature.  He is married to Edita and has two daughters, Greis and Emili.


Samuil Petrovski

Samuil Petrovski was born in Belgrade, Serbia. His father was communist and served as ambassador in Yugoslavia. Samuil became a believer an the end of his high-school and than went to army in Montenegro. In the army Samuil discovered the gift of evangelism where he had opportunity to share the Gospel. After the army, as student of economy in Belgrade, he joined EUS (IFES Serbia) and served as student ministry staff and an evangelist. Samuil is speaking in different student groups, mission weeks, churches, events where the Gospel of Jesus is presented. God is opening many doors that Samuil and his team can share the Gospel on TV, through social and other medias to reach many students. Samuil through FEUER network is traveling through region and support mission weeks, through speaking. Also he organized 16 large missions with evangelist Nick Vujicic through the Balkans with thousands of students what was largest events in history of the evangelicals. Samuil is married with Nada who serves as medical doctor and they have 2 kids in Belgrade. Nada and Samuil are part of leadership team of the church and many initiatives in Serbia serving community.

Luke Cawley

Luke Cawley is the Director of Chrysolis, a small non-profit which helps churches and organizations develop innovative projects engaging the people and culture around them. He has written or coedited three books, including Campus Lights: Students Living and Speaking for Jesus Around the World (Muddy Pearl, 2019), which has been described as ‘the literary equivalent of a TED talk on global Christian student movements’, and The Myth of the Non-Christian: Engaging Atheists, Nominal Christians and the Spiritual But Not Religious (IVP, 2016).  Luke studied at Cardiff University, Wheaton College, and Oxford University, and is currently based back in the UK following several years in Bucharest, Romania.


Giovanni Donato

Giovanni is Italian and, together with his wife Hannah and their three children, lives in Tuscany, in the beautiful city of Siena. He is one of the leaders of the Christian Bible Church in Siena, and has worked with GBU Italy (IFES) for many years. Together with Francesco Schiano he is responsible for the Proclama training course, which exists to train evangelists who are able to publicly proclaim the gospel in universities. In his spare time, he runs, again together with Francesco, a YouTube channel that exists to talk about faith, the Bible and life on the web. The channel is called “L’Asina Loquace” (the chatty donkey).

Colin Donaldson

Colin Donaldson has a diverse background spanning mathematics, management consulting, theology, and pastoral work. After completing a degree in Applied Mathematics in Glasgow, he worked as a management consultant. He subsequently completed his Master of Divinity at Ridley Collège in Melbourne, Australia. This led him to serve as an assistant pastor for an international church in the Geneva area. Since 2009, Colin has held the position of Director at GBEU (Groupes Bibliques des Ecoles et Universités), serving students across French-speaking Switzerland. He is married to Victoria, and they have three children.


Marina Gnatyshyna

Marina Gnatyshyna is a Central region Coordinator of IFES Ukraine, University evangelist, Youth leader of Bible and Life church in Kyiv. She is currently getting her MA in Biblical Counselling.

Marina has been working for IFES Ukraine (CCX Ukraine) for 10 years. She is passionate about delivering good news about Jesus with confidence and creativity. Marina plays the violin and often uses it as a part of evangelistic events.

Danijel Petkovski

Danijel is the founder and director of EUS – the IFES movement in Montenegro. He is based in Niksic where he lives with his wife Martina and their children. Danijel is also a gifted musician and keen gardener!  


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